Connecting to Your Calves

Have you ever considered that your calf flexibility also informs movements at your knees, hips and spine? Many foot ankle problems begin with tightness of the calves: Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, knee pain and even low back pain.  Adequate ankle mobility is critical to being able to perform common everyday activities such as descending stairs without ankle or knee pain.  If you participate in a sport that involves repetitive use of the feet, follow these simple steps to improve your calf flexibility.



1. Lean against a wall or solid object with one foot in front of the other

2. Keep the heel of the back foot firmly anchored to the floor and in a nearly straight line to the toes

3. Bend the front knee while keeping the back knee straight and lean the pelvis toward the wall

4. Feel the stretch in the bulk of the calf muscle

5. Hold for 10 slow, relaxed breaths

6.  Next, bend the back knee while keeping the heel firmly anchored to the floor.


These stretches can also be done with the toes on a book, curb or a slant board to intensify the stretch.

7.  Lower your body weight straight down so your sit bone aligns over your heel- you should feel the stretch move down toward the Achilles. Hold for 10 slow, relaxed breaths.






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Written on September 8th, 2015 ,


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