Rehabilitating from an injury is a life changing event. What makes MOVEMENT CoLab Rehabilitation different from most other PT clinics is the attention to detail passed on to each patient. A detailed evaluation of the injury pattern is combined with a total body approach of the kinematic forces, movement strategies and micro-traumas that may have compounded to cause injury and pain. In the absence of trauma, where there is a direct cause and effect, this can be a daunting task. Often times, injuries occur due to poor movement patterns that over many years result in pain and dysfunction. Learning how these factors interplay is a vital component to learning optimal movement strategies.

Physical therapy at MOVEMENT CoLab is typically a short-term intervention where manual therapy techniques including joint mobilization or manipulations are used to correct the arthrokinematic movement dysfunctions. To maximize maintaining these corrections, a variety of soft tissue release techniques are utilized to allow full motion to each joint followed by highly specific movement strategies and exercises to maintain full active control of the acquired movement. Pilates exercises are often initiated at this stage of the rehabilitative process. Special emphasis is placed on the return of functional movements- those that are used on a daily basis for enjoying life or for the demands of the job. Each program is customized to the individual, while incorporating their own goals into the process. Following successful rehabilitation, patients are encouraged to maintain their newly found movements through an independent exercise program.

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2014 Winter Olympic Gold Medalists representing Russia

Written on March 10th, 2015


"I felt very comfortable and trusted him
when using methods unknown to me.
My results have exceeded my expectations!"

"Thanks to Bob, I was able to fulfill a
20 year career as a professional dancer.
Still doing back flips at 48!"



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