“After having Kim as my mentor in the Polestar Pilates Teacher Training Cohort, I feel incredibly prepared to seek employment and jump into the workforce as a new Pilates instructor. Her wealth of knowledge on the repertoire and the body is truly a gift that any student would be lucky to have. Kim fosters a safe and fun learning environment, where students feel supported and able to explore. By the time students have completed their training with her, they are ready to succeed as teachers. Her energy lights up the room and inspires new generations of Pilates instructors.”
– Sean Langford, BFA, PMA®-CPT

“As a professional dancer, I have always pushed past the pain occurring in my body in order to produce the best possible performance. Until the Biscuit to Bananas workshop, I had no idea how badly my left ankle was injured from years of volleyball, dance and being a klutz in general. The difference in the range of motion before and after these simple but effective exercises was mind blowing. My ankles felt free after years of being locked up. I still have a ways to go on strengthening my left ankle but this is the best it has felt in over 10 years.”
– Chelsea Retzloff, Shen Wei Dance Arts – Dancer/Rehearsal Director

“As a Pilates instructor Kim is an unparalleled combination of skill, patience, support, and humor. She has one of the keenest eye for bodies you’re ever likely to encounter, and a phenomenal ability to come up with straightforward solutions to fix any injury or alignment issue you can think of. And most importantly, she invests each Pilates encounter, whether in a class setting or one-on-one, with such focus and liveliness that you will walk out with an acute realization of what it actually means to have someone be present for you and your body.”
– David Schoolnick, Pilates Instructor, Polestar Pilates HSS 2014 Cohort

“I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Kim. For starters, she is a fantastic motivator. She engages you and gets you excited about the material you are learning, regardless of how difficult or challenging it may be. Kim is very supportive and patient and she will help you find your way back on track. What really stand out to me about Kim though is how she truly wants all of her students to succeed. She believes in what she is teaching, and she wishes to impart this knowledge upon all of her students so that they may experience success, good health, and prosperity.”
– Vera Karge, DPT, Polestar Pilates HSS 2014 Cohort

“I’ve been working with Kim for about 15 years, and she is absolutely brilliant at getting the most out of your body, your limitations, and diagnosing any tweaks or injuries, of which I have many. I really don’t know what I would do without her expertise. She is also a lot of fun! I’m probably in the best shape of my life, and I’m in my mid-50s. This is largely due to my sessions with Kim. If you listen to her and do what she suggests, you will be in the best shape of your life.”
– Chris Holder, Pilates Client

“Kim is truly a movement whisperer. She possesses a keen understanding of the body and movement in all ranges from normal to injured. Kim is an amazing teacher and every session with her has been helpful and inspiring to me in my Pilates training. I’m grateful to have her as my mentor in the Polestar Pilates Transition program.”
– Michelle Kennedy, PT, Polestar Transition Student

“Having Kim Gibilisco as a Pilates instructor in the Polestar Pilates Teacher Training Program has exposed me to such an advanced level of learning and teaching Pilates. She creates a positive environment in her classes where students feel safe to learn, explore and progress. She is one of a kind!”
– Genna Mattana, Rutgers Polestar Pilates 2015 Cohort

“It’s a pleasure to work with Kim. it’s one of the best training experiences I’ve ever had. I can obviously see and feel positive changes in my body after our sessions and have no idea what I’m going to do without them when I leave New York.” – Ursula Kim, Pilates Client

“Kim is a very lovely, gifted Pilates teacher, who tailors her instruction to her students’ individual capacities and is very encouraging, supportive and helpful to them. She works with people of all ages and levels of physical abilities with a thorough knowledge of the body’s physiology and the kinesthetic sense of a dancer. I would highly recommend working with Kim.”
– Joan Yager, PhD, Pilates Client

“Kim Gibilisco has a unique ability to speak a language that your body understands. She motivates and encourages while providing the necessary framework in order for us to be successful in the Polestar Pilates program. She is a treasure and we are lucky to have her as a teacher.”
– LaToya S. Asher, DPT, Polestar Pilates HSS 2014 Cohort

“I have been doing Pilates for many years and have had many instructors. Kim is one of the best I have ever had. She’s extremely smart, knowledgeable, and patient with me. I also find that because I have fibromyalgia, she takes special care to watch me and make sure I don’t overheat or hurt myself in any way. It is a pleasure to work with her, and I would recommend her to anyone from a beginner to an advanced Pilates exerciser. I totally enjoy Pilates and being with her makes it even nicer.”
– Shelley Harari, Pilates Client

Written on March 21st, 2015


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