ABOUT:  MOVEMENT CoLab (MCL) was founded by wife and husband team,
Kim Gibilisco and Bob Turner.

Working together on cases, developing pre and post rehabilitative programs and designing creative workshops since 1999, MCL offers Physical Therapy, Pilates, Yoga, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Continuing Ed services for people of all levels of rehabilitation and all levels of learning.

Both respected masters of their forms, Kim and Bob strive to offer one of a kind approaches to their respective patients/clients in an effort to help them develop life changing strategies for pain-free movement.

The triangle shaped logo represents the three arms of the business: Rehabilitation, Movement Expertise and Education.  The fingerprint within the triangle logo represents Kim and Bob’s mantra, “MOVE TRUE TO YOU!”

“Bob gets you out of crisis, Kim keeps you out of crisis.”

MISSION: (What do we want to achieve through developing this business?)
MCL’s mission is to return people to healthy movement and lifelong learning at their optimum potential.

VISION: (What impact do we want to have on society?)
Helping to shape a future of healthy movement and lifestyles through rehabilitation and creative.

• MCL is a center where people of all walks of life can come and explore new modalities for movement, wellness, healing and learning.

• A creative space where movement specialists and health care practitioners can come together to develop state of the art techniques for healing and using the body to its greatest potential without risk of injury.

• A home for movement specialists and healthcare providers to be mentored by masters of the form and research topics side by side.

• A Dance Medicine home for creative artists, movement specialists and healthcare providers to work collaboratively.

VALUES: (How do we carry out our Mission?)
Vocation: honoring and honing our natural gifts to have a positive impact on the world we share.
Empathy: understanding our patient/client/student base to offer contemplative and meaningful care and creative.
Education: all great teachers are lifelong students. We learn by doing.
Creativity: open minded approaches to learn, heal and develop new strategies for healthy living.


Written on April 16th, 2015

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