MoveCoLab Tuesday Tips: June 23, 2015


Hands and Forearms

How much do you use your hands? Do writing, typing, working, or DIY projects lead to pain and stiffness in your hands? If so, this week’s Tuesday Tip is for you! These stretches can be done in any order and will help you release the built up tension you have in your hands and forearms. Try to do them as soon as you feel tension building up, or are experiencing pain below the elbow. Repeat as many times as necessary.


1.  Finger flexor stretch

Stand at your desk with your fingers pointing back toward your thighs.  Keeping the heels of the hands firmly planted on your desk and your elbows straight, lean your body back toward the fingertips.  You will feel a stretch in the fingers, palms and up the forearms to the elbows.  Hold for 10 slow breaths.



2. Golf Club

Straighten your arm and make a fist.  Turn your fist away from your body as if your arm is shaped like a golf club.  Reach over the top with the opposite hand and gently pull your fist toward your elbow (keep your fingers curled).  You will feel a stretch in the top of the wrist and up the forearm.  Hold for 10 slow breaths.




3.  Periscope

Bend your elbow and make a fist.  Reach over the top of the fist and pull it down toward your elbow.  Rotate your fist as if you are looking through a periscope to find where you feel the most stretch and hold for 10 slow breaths.




4.  Short finger stretch

Bend your finger pads toward your palm.  Reach over the top and squeeze the pads toward the palm as you bend your closest knuckles back toward the top of your hand.  Hold for 10 slow breaths and repeat on the other side.





Incorporating these simple, quick stretches will give you the dexterity your hands need to help you get your jobs done!



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