“I don’t get sick, but I get injured as I’m a gym rat.  Bob has diagnosed and/or fixed just about all of my injuries.  He has been my physical therapist, acupuncturist, and has been building my orthotics for the past 15 years. If he told me to hang from chandelier to get a better stretch I would do it.  On top of his expertise he is a really fun and kind person.  He is the best!”
– Chris Holder

“I have known Bob for several years now after I had surgery on a torn labrum of the hip and started my recovery. I always recommend his work when it comes to physical therapy and acupuncture treatments when someone asks for a reference. Bob has an impressive capability of challenging himself in his practice to find new perspectives and reach concrete results. I have done treatments with various different acupuncturists and can affirm that Bob is by far the best I have found! He does a very comprehensive assessment of your health before beginning treatment, just so he can get to the root of your problems.
As a professional, he is very personable, great listener, really caring and genuinely wants you to feel better. Bob is an expert in dry needling, even though I knew very little about it, I felt very comfortable and trusted him when using methods unknown to me. My results have exceeded my expectations!”
– Nikki Bodnar, VP, Creative Director, Nene Design

“Bob saved my career!  While dancing for the Paul Taylor Dance Company, I severely injured my lower back and was in tremendous pain; barely able to walk.  In just one month of seeing Bob, I was amazed at the difference.  He not only helped gain my life back, but also taught me how to change some of my every day behavior to prevent future issues.  Thanks to Bob, I was able to fulfill a 20 year career as a professional dancer.  Still doing back flips at 48!”
– Andy LeBeau, Assistant to Artistic Director, Paul Taylor Dance Company

Written on March 21st, 2015


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