Lengthen Your Legs!

 Your hamstrings are a large muscle group that connects your lower leg to your pelvis.  These long muscles are left in a shortened position when we sit in a chair.  How much time do you spend sitting?  If you are like most people, it is much more than you think.

In this case, your hamstrings will get short and tight.  In order totouch your toes, you need to have adequate length of these muscles.  Maintaining good flexibility therefore requires a bit of effort and proper form so you don’t hurt your back trying to reach down.


Try this tip to maximally stretch your hamstrings and reduce back and leg pain:

As you gain flexibility, hinge at the hips to increase the stretch.

Stand up tall, tilt your tailbone toward your head


Stand holding on to a wall for support with your foot on a chair.  Square your hips so your leg makes a right angle to your pelvis and keep your knee and back straight as if you are trying to make the letter “L.”

Gently lift your tailbone toward the back of your head and feel the stretch in the back of your leg.

As you gain flexibility, you can hinge at the hips to transform your “L” to a “V”.  Hold your stretch for 60 seconds or more and repeat after sitting for 2 hours.


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Written on September 29th, 2015 ,

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