Don’t Walk the Plank!

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Do you ever feel like planks in a group class feel like a battle? Planks provide a wide range of benefits including strengthening anterior muscles of the hip, increasing core control and shoulder organization, while improving posture. In this week’s Tuesday Tip we provide a modification specifically for individuals working on increasing core control or those coping with labral pathologies both pre and post surgery. Note: you will need a Yoga block for this exercise.


Simply pick up your smartphone and notice your posture as you do this (this includes shoulders over hips and back alignment). Try to take a selfie before changing your posture.


  1. On a flat surface perform a forearm plank.
  2. Take your yoga block and place it directly under the left side of your hip. (Based on your size, you will need to adjust the height of the Yoga block). Hold the plank for 4-8 slow breaths. Do you feel any decrease in intensity on your hip and lower spine?
  3. Once stable, release your right foot off the ground and hold again for 4-8 slow breaths.
  4. Return and repeat on the other side.


Reach for your smartphone again, notice if you feel any difference in range of motion and ease from the first time. Retake the selfie and see if you can spot any differences in your posture compared to the first selfie.



Plank with Modification

Plank with Modification

Plank Modification with Leg Raised

Plank Modification with Leg Raised






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Written on September 27th, 2016 ,


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