Use this Tip to help you understand how to choose the best type of footwear for your feet!

Take note of the shape of your foot.

Your footwear should mirror the shape of your foot.


Footwear trends often tend to be based on new style or a new theory about what is best for a specific activity.  With the NYC Marathon approaching, many thousands of people are ramping up their training and may be wearing the wrong type of running shoe.

Proper foot function depends on having a strong yet flexible foot.  Matching your footwear to your foot shape is critical to injury prevention. If your foot looks relatively straight and your shoe looks like a boomerang, you may need to change your shoe as you are changing the shape of your foot to something it is not.  Ask for a shoe with a straight last.

If you are experiencing pain for a week or more that does not resolve with rest, ice and stretching, you may need to have your feet and footwear evaluated for a proper fit.

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Written on September 22nd, 2015 ,


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