Open Up Your Chest On the Go!

Did you like how you felt after opening up your chest on the foam roller and in Fish Pose? Then this week’s Tip is for you!

Extend the arms, continue to lean in

Stand with arms 90×90 and lean in


Stretching the pecs in the doorway offer a convenient and portable way to open the chest and improve spinal alignment.

1.  Stand in a doorway with the wrists and elbows against the door frame in a 90 x 90 position (the letter E position) with one foot in front of the other.  Lean the chest forward and knit the ribs together to limit extending the spine.  Breathe 10 slow, relaxed breaths.

2.  Next, move the arms up into a Y position and repeat as above

Repeat these stretches a few times each day or anytime you have been sitting at the computer for a few hours!

Model: Sean Langford, BFA student,
Polestar Pilates Teacher Trainer

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Written on September 1st, 2015 ,


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