The Pilates Vespa

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Obtaining hip stability while in motion is critical to injury prevention. By engaging the correct muscles of the lower extremity, you will help support your hip placement in ranges of motion, large or small. Performing this week’s Tuesday Tip you will strengthen the standing hip in a static position while mobilizing the other hip, mastering acceleration and deceleration of the gesture leg.

Set Up:

  • Springs: Blue (medium) or Red (Heavy) Spring
  • Footbar is set to comfortably reach with straight spine.
  • Left hand holding on to footbar and right hand on hip.
  • Runner’s lunge with right knee bent, left leg extended with foot on shoulder block.


  1. Maintaining a leveled pelvis, slowly bend your left leg in 3 counts until your knee slightly touches the reformer and straighten in 1 count. Mastering deceleration control. Repeat 3x.
  2. Reverse the action, slowly straightening your leg in 3 counts and bend in 1. Mastering Acceleration control. Repeat 3x.
  3. Repeat the same exercise on the other side.


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Scooter Knee Straight

Scooter Knee Straight

Scooter Knee Bent

Scooter Knee Straight

Written on October 4th, 2016 ,


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