Paying it Forward

Bob at the NASS meeting


This past week has been amazing. I went to Chicago for the North American Spine Society’s Annual Meeting and presented on the podium as part of a panel of experts on Lumbar pain as a result of hip injuries. It was very inspiring to be in front of an audience of spine surgeons and other professionals and educate them on a topic that they are not as well versed in. Feedback from the audience was very positive with excellent questions- demonstrating that learning never stops. If you are open minded.

After speaking at NASS on Thursday afternoon, I flew back to NYC to moderate and teach in a course that we hosted at Hospital for Special Surgery. It was entitled Conservative Treatment of the Lumbar Spine. Although exhausting to keep such a schedule, it is very rewarding to assist in educating others in how to assess and treat their patients. After 24 years in the Physical Therapy profession, the rewards come in not only helping patients to feel better but in paying it forward by teaching others what I have learned over the years. Even as an educator, I learn every day- teaching is a cyclical dialogue which is not unidirectional. Students learn from teachers who learn from students.


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Written on November 13th, 2015 ,


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