Now that you are learning to stabilize the humeral head in the socket in low positions, it is time to start exploring reaching overhead while maintaining shoulder congruency. You will be more successful in mastering overhead movements if you focus on pulling down before pushing up. This week’s tips incorporate lifting the hand above the shoulder with the emphasis on the downward movement of the humeral head and scapula to limit elevation while avoiding a pinch. Try these two moves to improve your overall lifting technique.

Stay tuned for Part III next week where we will push a weight overhead while maintaining congruency – The hardest part and where most injuries occur!

Photo 1:

  • Attach your theraband over the top of a door- a quick trick to do this is to tie a sock around your band and close it over the top of the door

    Photo 2


    Photo 1

  • You can stand, sit or kneel for this exercise- whatever it takes to get your arm forward in front of you with the hand overhead
  • Keeping your elbow straight and your thumb up, engage under the armpit to gently pull your shoulder toward the floor
  • Maintain this activation while pulling the band down to touch your 5th finger to the front of your thigh
  • The challenge is in letting the arm go back up without losing your downward push of the armpit toward the floor
  • Start with 2 or 3 sets of 10 and progress to 3 sets of 25 as you can

Photo 2:

  • Use the same setup as in the previous exercise except now turn your body to the side
  • Align the elbow just in front of the shoulder with the hand in front of the elbow
  • Follow the same instructions from the previous exercise and progress accordingly


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