Kneeling Rotation with Magic Circle
Special thanks to Stacey Futterman and 5 Point PT!

Increase spine mobility by adding thoracic rotation exercises into your practice. The thoracic spine laterally translates, laterally flexes and rotates the spine. When the thoracic segments lose their mobility, the lumbar and cervical segments pick up the slack and overwork. Restoring rotation to the thoracics will remind the entire spine it’s range of mobility, how to disperse forces evenly from head to tail and also wring out the lungs.

Set up:

  • 1 blue spring
  • Begin kneeling on the reformer with whole body facing right
  • Place magic circle on the right ribs (like a basketball hoop) allowing the upper body to slightly rotate to the right
  • Short loop will go around the outer pad of the magic circle and will be held by both hands


  1. While maintaining the hips square to the wall, slide the magic circle across the top of the rib cage without losing contact
  2. Allow eyes to lead the movement as the spine rotates all the way to the left
  3. Repeat 6-8x


Variation: Once the upper body has rotated all the way to one side, hold this position and take tiny pulses (8ct) to the left to access even more rotation.

Begin with UB slightly rotated to the right with hips square

Lead with the eyes as the spine rotates to the left

Written on May 31st, 2016 ,


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