Tour Tip Series (1/5)

As a dancer, traveling can be extremely hard on the body so it’s important to take care while touring in order to stay strong and injury free. Here are some tips that I discovered while on tour:

Photo by Christian Zelder

Photo by Christian Zelder

WARM UP AND STAY WARM: Each day you get to the theater there is an allotted time and space for warm-up. Sometimes company class is offered and other times you will be in charge of your own warm up. These warm-up times are usually way before the actual performance or dress rehearsal. This is the tricky part; although you warmed up and were feeling great at the beginning of the day, tech and show days tend to be long and draining. In those hours in between the warm up and performance you need to conserve your energy and stay warm. Always bring lots of layers to the theater as well as booties, a hat and a scarf. Be prepared for cold spaces. I also found it helpful to come up with a quick and efficient warm-up series that can be done in smaller spaces. Staying warm will keep your body happy and injury free!

Written on May 17th, 2016 ,


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