Standing Series: Sandy Brown

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This exercise is designed to target adduction of the inner thighs.When developing the muscles of the lower body we tend to focus mainly on the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. However, the adductors are equally as important for overall strength and stability of the lower body. Activate your inner thighs with this standing variation inspired by Sandra Brown (Soloist, American Ballet Theatre, 1987-2003; Ballet Mistress, Colorado Ballet). This exercise also focuses on axial elongation, alignment and balance.

Set Up:

  • Springs: One high yellow spring (light spring)
  • Footbar is down and platform is secured
  • Standing on the reformer in Pilates V with one foot on the platform and one foot on the carriage
  • Heels will touch and hover over the space between the platform and the carriage
  • Hands on hips or gondola stick can be used to assist in balance


  1. While maintaining external rotation of the legs, flex the knees without moving the carriage. Maintain alignment of occiput, T7 and sacrum*
  2. Press the carriage out with knees flexed while maintaining the tracking the of the knees over the first and second metatarsals**
  3. Without moving the carriage lengthen the legs
  4. Without moving the carriage raise the heels, sending energy out through the crown of the head
  5. Maintain this length and slowly draw the carriage in zipping the inner thighs together***
  6. Once the carriage is home, slowly lower the heels without moving the carriage
  7. Repeat 4x
  8. Reverse the sequence


Flex the knees without moving the carriage


Press the carriage out with knees flexed

**STEP 2

Zipper the inner thighs to draw the carriage home

***STEP 5

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