Don’t Peak TOO Soon!

Photo by John Evans

As a dancer, traveling can be extremely hard on the body so it’s important
to take care while touring in order to stay strong and injury free.
Here are some tips that may help while on tour.

CONSERVE ENERGY:  Tech and show days can be extremely long with little time to rest or refuel. How you spend your energy in these days is very important. Sometimes tech, dress and performance will all be in the same day and you will have to decide how much energy is needed for each task and of course how you can give your all for the performance.

CAT NAP: On the days that you are really exhausted, try to find time for a quick 15 – 20 minute nap. It doesn’t help to fight the exhaustion. You may find it helpful to give into it…  Your body will recharge and restore your energy but don’t make the nap too long!

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Written on June 21st, 2016 ,


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