Fire Your Rockets Sequentially – LE Jump Technique

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Faulty jumping techniques can cause injury to the spine, foot/ankle, knee and/or hip joints. Avoid this by practicing proper jumping technique on the reformer. Start by finding your alignment through the lower extremity and practicing the sequence of a jump to learn how to roll through the feet. Continue into a jump sequence to increase core control and axial elongation and to focus on propulsion.

**Jump Prep – STEP 3

*Jump Prep – STEP 1

Progression: Decrease springs to increase core control

Set Up:

  • Springs: Red/Yellow
  • Lie supine on the carriage in neutral spine
  • Begin with feet in parallel, press the carriage out to lengthen the legs with heels down on the jumpboard
  • Set the heels up slightly above the sits bones and lift the headrest to see your feet

Jump Prep:

  1. Flex the knees tracking them over the first and second metatarsals while maintaining the heels on the board*
  2. Extend the knees to lengthen the legs
  3. Press the heels up sending the weight over the first and second metatarsals**
  4. Lower the heels to the board maintaining the length of the legs
  5. Repeat this sequence 6x


  1. Following the sequence above continue into a jump
  2. Flex the knees and quickly propel the carriage up with lengthened legs
  3. Articulate through the foot/ankle in the landing as you transition through toe, ball, heel before flexing the knees again
  4. Emphasis is on the propulsion up and the controlled landing through the feet
  5. Repeat 6x


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