Leg Spring Series

Thank you Stacey Futterman and 5POINT!

Change up the way you do/teach the leg spring series by adding a theraband to fire up the hip abductors.

This series focuses on strengthening the muscles that stabilize the hip.
It is important to keep the legs abducted to maintain tension on the band throughout the exercise.
As you continue into hip and knee flexion feel how you also work your glutes and hamstrings!

**STEP 5


Set Up:

  • Springs: 2 long yellow springs
  • Begin supine on the table with arms overhead holding onto the risers, arms can be slightly bent
  • Legs are parallel with theraband tied around the thighs, right above the knees
  • Shoulders are plugged into the back, spine reaching long with sacrum heavy on the table


  1. In parallel, abduct the legs to keep tension on the theraband*
  2. Lower and lift the legs 4x while maintaining a neutral pelvis
  3. Press the legs down to the diagonal and flex the hips and knees to 90 degrees
  4. Bend and extend the legs 2x
  5. Leave the legs lengthened out on the diagonal, keep one leg steady while pulsing the other out to the side 4x – maintain parallel**
  6. Repeat to the other side


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Written on July 5th, 2016 ,

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