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*From Kim’s Teaching Tour in Australia! Thank you Cat Giannitto and the Polestar Australia Team for your generosity and kindness.

The thoracic vertebrae are built to rotate the spine.
Can you find spine rotation from the thoracics in upper extremity weight bearing?
Challenge yourself to stabilize through the shoulders by maintaining shoulder alignment over elbows.


**STEP 4
Photo by Cat Giannitto


Photo by Cat Giannitto

  1. Set your Reformer up on a medium spring: blue or high yellow. Note: Less spring tension will increase the challenge to the core. More spring tension will increase the challenge to the UE.
  2. Place forearms on the carriage, interlace the fingers, pike the hips up and squeeze legs and feet together as if they are one extremity.
  3. Slide the carriage out slowly until your shoulders are aligned over your elbows, hips lowering in to plank position, ankles dorsi flexed powerfully, feet pressing into one another.*
  4. Keeping the carriage still, rotate the spine from the mid thoracics. Move the lower extremity in one piece as you stack the feet over the 5th metatarsal.**
  5. Rotate from one side to another, pausing in plank between each rotation. Complete 4-8 rotations.
  6. Retrograde the mount to bring the carriage home.

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Written on July 26th, 2016 ,


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