Reining in your New Year!

Incorporating 2 minute circuit flows into our workouts have been a great challenge for us at MoveCoLab! Here’s how to join our 2 Min Circuit Challenge.

Photo by Whitney Browne

Photo by Whitney Browne

1). Set 3 stations:

  • Lower Extremity (LE)
  • ABS
  • Upper Extremity (UE)

2). Set choreography at each station that you can perform continuously for 2 mins:

  • LE: Goblin Squats with medicine ball or kettle bell
  • ABS: Pilates Abs Series of 5 into Bicycle and Scissors in the Air
  • UE: 8 Push Ups/Side Plank Right for 8 counts/Leg Pull Front for 8 counts/Side Plank Left for 8 counts

3). Set the timer on your phone to ring every 2 minutes.

4). Complete a station and then move directly to the next so that you flow for 6 minutes through the full circuit. Break only for 30 seconds between each full circuit.

5). Repeat 3-5 full circuits

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Written on January 5th, 2016 ,


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