Stretching can be more effective when dynamic. This week’s tip illustrates how to yoke the hamstrings and adductors through movement. Grab your yoga strap or theraband and join us on your mat! Send your feedback about this tip to

  1. Lying on your back, bring your legs into a bridge prep position with soles of the feet on the floor. Find your optimal alignment of your pelvis and spine.
  2. Lasso your foot with a yoga strap or theraband placing this prop over the ball of the foot. Extend your leg up towards the ceiling at a range where you can access terminal knee extension with a relaxed foot/ankle (image #1).
  3. Now complete this 4-count phrase:
    1). flex your knee
    2). extend your knee
    3). with knee extended-tug on your strap to increase the stretch
    4). release the tug
  4. Repeat this for 8 repetitions.
  5. Then range the thigh into slight external rotation and abduction. Repeat the whole 4-count phrase with your thigh in this placement for another 8 repetitions (image #2).
  6. Finish the series with a sickle stretch. Hold the stretch for 4-8 breath cycles (image #3).

Image #1: Leg extended to the ceiling

Image #2: External rotation and abduction

Image #3: Sickle stretch












Written on January 12th, 2016 ,


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