Want to freshen up you personal Pilates Mat practice? Choose a theme from a complimentary practice to integrate throughout into each exercise.

Complimentary practice: YOGA


Here are some suggestions to weave chest opening asanas into each exercise:


Kim Boomerang

Photo: Whitney Browne

BRIDGING with hand clasped under hips, then recline on arms to spin the chest wall up and open.

SAW with palms always shining up to externally rotate the numeral bones and yoke the pectoral tissues wide.

SIDE BEND with chest revolving into extension as arms form a T-shape. 

LEG PULL with fingers pointing to the head of the mat to facilitate collarbones widening.

JACKKNIFE with arms pressing into mat, fingers interlaced with wrists touching.

BOOMERANG sustaining the fingers interlaced upper extremity asana for 4 breath cycles (see photo).

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Written on December 8th, 2015 ,

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