Diamonds are a Girl’s Bestfriend!

Legs Diamond aka Clamshells is an MoveCoLab favorite for home exercise programs. Be sure that you are performing them with the same quality you’d like to see on stage.

Use a 4 count rhythmic base to perform this sequence in a neutral hip (as shown), at 45 degrees hip flexion, 90 degrees hip flexion and then also 5 degrees hip extension. The 4 count base will facilitate acceleration and deceleration control of the deep rotators of the femur. The various angles of hip flexion will condition the hip in multiple ranges of motion used in activity of daily living and sport specific movements.

Legs Diamond with knee extension

Legs Diamond in neutral hip

  1. Rotate the femur bone into the diamond shape keeping heels together in 4 slow counts
  2. Extend the knee maintaining the rotation of the femur bone to lengthen the lever in 4 slow counts
  3. Flex the knee to find your heels touching back into the diamond shape as you maintain the femur in rotation in 4 slow counts
  4. Slowly draw the top knee down to meet the bottom knee in 4 slow counts


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Written on December 29th, 2015 ,


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