Do you find that your clients are lacking sufficient lumbar flexion to perform a fluid and controlled Assisted Teaser, Roll Up or Rolling Like a Ball exercise? Try REMINDING THE RIBS as a way to help the lumbars relax out of hyperextension.

Perform an Assisted Teaser on the Tower bar to establish a base line measurement of accessible ROM
Take a deflated Togu Ball and place under T7
Have client perform 4-6 thoracic curls in sagittal plane. Note available ROM again.

On Togu ball placed at T7, ask client to roll half way up to a thoracic curl.
From this position, ask them to laterally translate the ribs and you cue pelvic stabilization. Cue ribs to SLIDE across the ball for 8-10 repetitions.
Then ask client to laterally flex spine while on the Togu Ball. Cue pelvis stabilization and “windshield wiping” movement from head to lower T-spine for 8-10 repetitions.
Finish with 4-6 more thoracic curls in sagittal plane.

Thoracic curl up


Lateral translation of ribs


Lateral flexion of ribs













Perform the Assisted Teaser again. Do you notice an increase in ROM of the T-Spine and L-spine? Do you see any changes in effort or flow of movement? Do you notice changes in your client’s energy and expression?

Model: Mariela Dorado, BFA Senior and Polestar Pilates Teacher Trainer

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Written on December 15th, 2015 ,

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