Feeling burned out and bored with your own teaching of the Pilates Mat repertoire? Try teaching a 360 Degree Mat Class by changing your orientation to the Mat after each exercise or a series of two exercises threaded together. Challenge yourself further my maintaining a flow.Once you have established a flow, progress by then moving 360 degrees in seated and kneeling repertoire and then further develop this theme into weight bearing. By varying your orientation to gravity information is more interesting and “sticky” to the brain.

Here’s a great sequence to try:

Bridging with marching variations into 100’s
Right Side Hip Abduction Sequence
Left Side Hip Abduction Sequence

Kim Rocking

Photo by Whitney Browne

Roll Up into Roll Over
Right forearm side planks
Left forearm side planks
Saw into Spine Stretch
Right Kneeling Side Kick
Left Kneeling Side Kick
Leg Pull
Right Side Bend
Left Side Bend

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Written on December 1st, 2015 ,

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