Photo by Whitney Browne

Photo by Whitney Browne

Is Your Cup Half Full?

This week’s Tuesday Tip focuses on the latest buzz regarding Olympic athletes using Cupping as a means of rehabilitation. Read below on what MoveCoLab’s Bob Turner has to say on Cupping:

“Religion is based on the belief there is a higher power but where is the evidence? My practice takes on many forms and faith in my results informs my treatment approach. Religious beliefs are no different. While science has not proven divinity, our beliefs remain strong. Remain open minded and take a leap of faith in your healthcare. MoveCoLabion is our gut feeling. With no direct meridian to the brain, Chinese Medicine is more instinctual and does not second guess success or failure but learns from it and moves on.

When physical therapy became a valid profession there was no science behind it. What started as an empirical practice (“I do this because it works”) became evidence based (“research proves this works”), we find that following MoveCoLabion can have beneficial effects. Acupuncture and cupping follow the same guidelines. Science has not yet caught up to what we practice but does that mean it does not work? Can we treat based on the belief that a technique works because we see the results and our patients feel the results?

While cupping has received a good deal of media attention with the Olympic Games in Rio this year, much debate and many blogs have surfaced questioning the effectiveness of cupping and the science behind the practice. As an acupuncturist and a physical therapist, I am very fortunate to be able to combine both an Eastern and Western lens to the treatment options used with my patients. I use whatever gets me the results I desire.”

In addition check out this article of an interview with Bob regarding more in depth information on the history of cupping as well as various cupping techniques!

“Cupping at the Olympics”

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Written on August 23rd, 2016 ,


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