MoveCoLab Tuesday Tip TAKEOVER by Andy Santana

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Quadruped Cowboy – Lasso Your Thighs

Core control and hip stability are two ways to improve efficiency of major muscle groups and longevity of joints in your body. This week’s Tuesday Tip focuses on these two pillars of movement to help organize your body for years to come.


On a BOSU (belly down) perform eight half squats on one leg in parallel. Notice how much the BOSU is moving. Are you able to keep the flat surface parallel to the floor? Are you able to keep your shoulders aligned over your hips?


  1. Begin in quadruped position with a theraband tied around both thighs (use a foam pad underneath one knee to increase the challenge).
  2. Slowly extend your hip to create a straight line between sits bones to your toes, while balancing the knee on the foam pad. Repeat up to 4x.
  3. Slowly extend your opposite arm to create a straight line from your shoulders to your fingertips. Repeat up to 4x.
  4. Then, extend your hip and opposite arm simultaneously to create a strong diagonal line from your shoulders to toes. Repeat up to 4x.
  5. Repeat this contralateral variation and then pick up the toes of your supporting leg, hold for 8 counts. Repeat up to 4x.
  6. Repeat on the other side.


Repeat the assessment exercise. Is the Bosu moving less than before? Are your shoulders aligned over your pelvis with more ease? Do your hips feel more stable as you bend and straighten your legs on the Bosu? Are you able to perform the half squat without holding onto anything?



Step 1

Quadraped - Hip Extended

Step 2

Quadraped both Extended

Step 5

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