A healthy way to “unwind”…

Use a rotated Child’s pose to open the ribs and sides of the body.


Thread your right arm under your left arm.


1. Start in child’s pose: big toes touching, kneecaps pointing to the side edges of your mat, chest melting to space between your knees.
2. Slide the left arm into the central axis of your mat, aligned with your tailbone
3. Thread your right arm under your left arm.
4. Spin face and chest upwards as you anchor your hip points down towards the mat.
5. Hold for four breath cycles.
6. Creep your fingertips away from center of body to enhance the revolution of the spine.
7. Repeat to other side

Model: Maria Volpe, BFA
Polestar Pilates Teacher Trainer


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Written on August 11th, 2015 ,

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