MOVEMENT CoLab is dedicated to life long learning and inspiring education. The education arm of MOVEMENT CoLab embodies:

  1. LECTURES – didactic offerings in Bob’s rehabilitation clinical expertise on topics such as: Lower Extremity Kinematics, The SI Joint – Does It Move? and The Degenerative Spine.
  2. WORKSHOPS: LEARN, DO, TEACH – lecture/lab offerings. Study with Kim and Bob and learn about MOVEMENT CoLab’s unique approach to strategic neuromuscular re-education, clinical techniques in manual therapy and teaching methods.
  3. KGDances – Kim’s choreographic and dance teaching life.
Written on February 19th, 2015

Lectures With Bob Turner

Foot Fundamentals: Mastering the Art of Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation
• Lower Extremity Kinematics
• The SI Joint - Does It Move?
• The Degenerative Spine
• Rehabilitating the Performing Artist
• Evolution of Form and Footwear
• Indications for Cervical Spine Manipulation
• Conservative Management of Achilles Tendonitis

Current Workshops

From Biscuits to Bananas, understanding the potential for the foot and ankle
approved for 3 hours of PMA - CECs (HP/FP)

Psoftening the Psoas
approved for 3 hours of PMA - CECs (HP/FP)

The Hypermobile Hip
approved for 3 hours of PMA - CECs (HP/FP)

Hip Me With Your Best Shot
– Labral Pathology of the Hip
approved for 3 hours of PMA - CECs (HP/FP)

• Manual Therapy for the Foot and Ankle:  Assessment and Treatment. (HP)

• Assessment and Treatment of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis. (HP)

• Lower Extremity Kinematics:
What am I looking at? (HP)

• Differential Diagnosis of the
Hip and Spine. (HP)

• Reminding the Ribs, increasing the range of motion and movement efficiency of the spine (HP) and (FP)


Kim teaches in the Nikolais/Louis Tradition and like her mentors, as a performance technique. Through her classes, she explores the concepts of time, space, shape and motion to help students illuminate their intention and help them develop their performance quality.


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