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1. Sentient Soles: The Arc of Care from PT to Pilates | ONLINE

“Sentient Soles…” is a 5-hour ONLINE course for PTs, Pilates, Yoga, and Dance Educators, Professional Athletes, and Licensed Healthcare Professionals. This course is designed to build a bridge from the PT clinic to the world of pre and post-rehabilitation in the Pilates studio.

“Sentient Soles…” was birthed out of Kim and Bob’s own foot/ankle injuries and challenges as well as their many years of collaborating on complex surgical cases. Arguably the most adaptable part of the body, they continuously marvel at the responsiveness and power of the foot and ankle and “geek out” on developing new approaches to patient/client care directly in-sync with the most cutting-edge soft tissue procedures and installations of hardware from the forefoot all the way back to the ankle.       

2. The Sacroiliac Joint: Does It Move? | ONLINE

As a practicing physical therapist for over 30 years and hearing patients often state that their “SIJ is out”, Bob wanted to dive deeper into the research to determine just how much the SI joint moves. For decades, he has treated and manipulated this area believing that the SI was indeed “out”. What he gleaned from my research was that this area does not move much at all!

In this course, Bob Turner, PT, DPT, OCS, MS, OM, Lac, will review the anatomy of the SI joints and present information that might also change how you approach this area. He will present current research and give treatment recommendations utilizing osteopathic, physical therapy and acupuncture approaches.

3. Hip Me With Your Best Shot Series

­– Part 1 MAT | ONLINE


– Part 2 MAT | ONLINE


The information in these workshops embodies that trial-and-error process in Kim’s own pre-rehab and rehabilitation as well as the most up-to-date research to support the approaches to movement strategy.  She also shares how the surgical treatment for labral pathology has developed over all of these years, evolving from debridement to re-anchoring the labrum. 

Participants of these workshops will understand the rationale behind movement re-education strategies using the Pilates Method. The goal of the workshop is to offer new movement strategies and solutions for care and conditioning to an ever- growing population.

While taking “Hip Me…Part 1” offers excellent foundational information for this course, “Hip Me…Part 2” is designed to stand alone.  If you are already familiar with how to work with labral hip pathology and are seeking more advanced repertoire and yoga fusion techniques, you can jump right into Part 2!

We encourage you to take whichever version(s) of this course best fit the needs of you and your clients/patients.

4. Reminding the Ribs



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Written on July 31st, 2022

Course Testimonials

"Kim is truly a movement whisperer. She possesses a keen understanding of the body and movement in all ranges from normal to injured.”

"Bob has been a professional and didactic role model to me for the last seven years.  His teaching style facilitates the understanding of complex concepts to a comfortable level that can be easily digested.”  



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